Welcome to La Vikinga


I´m Helen, La Vikinga. I´m from Iceland but have been living abroad for 20 years, about 15 years in Sweden, 1 year in Chile and now in Argentina since 2005.

I love argentine tango! I don´t only love to dance tango, I also love the music, the poetry, the teaching, the exhibitions...

And I also love to organize milongas, milongas with live music and exhibitions, and to organiz trips for tango lovers to Argentina and within Buenos Aires and Argentina.

I love fashion! I don´t only love to wear it, I also love to design and make fashion. That’s why I started to make my own collection of La Vikinga sneakers and shoes, for both men and woman! And soon I´m going to present my own fashion line!

I hope that you will like my home page and will visit it again sometime.